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Minutes for the Delaware Artist Guild Meeting, November 28, 2011
The meeting was opened by President Lindsay Criswell at 7:30 with a welcome to members and a reminder that minutes and announcements are posted on the website.  Treasurer Mike Palmer reported that we have 25 paid members and a total of $490.53 in the account.  He agreed to send out a new list of members with their updated information so that we can keep in touch.   He will also be sending out reminders of dues still owed.

Lynda Elias reported that we now have 31 display spaces at the new YMCA and our exhibit is up and looking good.  It will remain up until Feb. 29.  At that point members who are interested in putting up new work can bring it to the February meeting, bring it to the YMCA on Feb. 29, or drop it off at her house.   Members are invited to submit one piece and may add another if there is sufficient space.  There is promise of more spaces throughout the building in the future. 

New Business: 

Lindsay reminded members that we still need a Vice President and that it is a manageable position with great support from others.  Please contact her if you are interested.

The January meeting will be held in the Community Room at the YMCA so that members can view the guild exhibit.  Please plan to bring an art piece you are working on and would like feedback from others in the group. 

Lindsay requested ideas for more speakers for February, April and May.  She will be happy to follow up and make the contact. 

Our Christmas party will be on Monday, Dec. 12 at Barb Timmons house at 101 Montrose Ave.  Ham is being provided by the Guild and members can look on the website or email for food assignments.  Be sure and join in for a good time.

COSO has offered the guild space to exhibit 10 pieces on a monthly rotation.  Mary Williams and Kris Kolb have their work up for this month.  Contact Mary if you are interested in future space. 

Guild members are encouraged to send in ideas and suggestions for ways to improve the website and email connections.   Kris Kolb also encourages members to send her items of interest to add to the monthly newsletter.

Diane Hodges reported that the Arts Castle is doing well with their new board and support team.  The Arts Affair was a success and there are several other activities in the works.  Pat Sillick was thanked for her work in organizing a guild Sock it to Me tree for the upcoming raffle at the Women’s City Club.  There are now 30 teachers and 90 classes at the Castle and the enrollment information, etc. can be accessed on the web.  Volunteers are needed and welcome so please continue to help out.

There was no additional business so the meeting was adjourned and Kris Kolb introduced Tammy Wallace, our speaker for the evening.
Respectfully submitted by Virginia Corwin, Secretary