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Minutes for the Delaware Artist Guild Meeting, May 23, 2011
This month’s meeting was held at the City Arts Center so that guild members could become familiar with this new venture in Delaware.  President Mary Williams opened the meeting at 7:30 with a welcome to 5 new members/guests.  Monthly minutes are posted on the website.

Old Business: 

  • Treasurer Mike Palmer reports approximately $450 in our account.  
  • Lynda Elias reported that the guild is invited to participate in a traveling exhibit with the four branches of the Delaware Public Library.  It will start in September in Delaware and move monthly to the other branches.  The theme will be a work inspired by a book – with a short explanation of the connection of the book to your art. 
  • Mary reminded the guild of the proposed changes in the bylaws that were posted in the newsletter.  Lori Palmer motioned to accept the changes, Lynda Elias seconded and the attending members voted in favor.  Since there was not a 2/3 majority of members present, Mary will be following up through email. 
  • Mary thanked members for their help with the Arts Festival and reported sales of $136.50 – 13.65 going to DAG.  A 10’ x 10’ display tent was purchased for $239 and can be rented by members for $25.  It will be housed with Tom Conrad.
  • Kris Kolb passed on a suggestion by Jeff Nilan that in future art shows names of artists be covered on art pieces until after the judges choose the winners. 

New Business: 

  • Art work should be picked up at the Castle on Tuesday, May 31 from 1:00-5:00.  Contact Mary if you need other arrangements.
  • A motion was made by Kris Kolb and approved by the members that we donate $100 to the Arts  Castle.   Mary suggested the guild help with their serious money concerns by donating individually.  She also suggested the guild do a summer fund raiser for the Castle.   Please pass any of your good ideas on to her for consideration.
  • A motion was proposed by Karen Everhart and seconded by Lori Palmer that we accept the Slate of Officers for 2011-2012.  The following were elected with member approval:

President -  Lindsay Criswell, VP - ???, Secretary – Virginia Corwin, Treasurer – Mike Palmer, Membership - Pat Getha, Exhibitions – Lynda Elias, Publicity - ???,  Programs – Lindsay, Lynda, Jessie, Mary, Kris, Historian - Pat Silleck    

  • July 25 will be the summer pot-luck at Mary’s house.  All members are encouraged to come and socialize.


  • Friday, June 3 is the Delaware Artist Showcase from 6 – 10 p.m. at the Knights of Pythias Lodge in downtown.  Artists are encouraged to sell their work in front of the downtown stores. 
  • June 11 – the Arts Castle is having a Paint Out in conjunction with its Portrait exhibit.  This is free and replaces the usual reception.
  • July 16 – Scioto Garden is having its Art Fair and members are invited to participate and sell their work. 
  • Members were asked to fill out the questionnaire on the back of the agenda and get it to Lindsay for consideration next year.

Since there was no other business, Mary adjourned the meeting and introduced Jessie Walker who talked about the City Art Center and her own work.  This is the last meeting of the year.

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia, Corwin, Secretary