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Minutes from the Delaware Artist Guild meeting on June 1, 2015

This month’s meeting was held at the Ross Museum.  It began at 7:30 with a welcome from President Ken Hildebrand and introduction of guests.  There were not additions or corrections to the April minutes so they stand as read.  Mike Palmer reported a total of $240.80 in the treasury and that we currently have 29 members.  He said the guild took in $223 at the Art Festival in spite of the rain on Saturday.  Kris Kolb had nothing new to report on the Newsletter.

Lynda Elias notified members that the art at the YMCA will be changed over on this Wednesday at 10:00 a.m.   Members can drop off their art to Lynda, bring it to the Y,  or bring it in at another time and hang it themselves.  She also gave out postcards reminding members of the Arts Castle postcard show coming in the fall.  She invited members to send in or drop off their creations whenever it is convenient.  The Arts Castle will arrange to store them until the show.

Ken opened the discussion of new officers with a recommendation that Kris Kolb become President and Ray Wollschleger take over as Treasurer.  Rhainy Edwards was nominated as Vice-President.  Virginia Corwin agreed to remain as Secretary.   There was a unanimous vote to accept the slate of candidates.   Lynda agreed to remain as Exhibition Chairman and promised to organize a meeting in August to discuss the program for the upcoming year.  Many thanks went to Mike, Lori and Ken for their good work as officers.

Diane Hodges reminded the members of the upcoming Yart Sale at the Arts Castle.  It will be this coming Saturday from 9 to 3.  She suggested that members stop at the castle soon to take advantage of good buys on frames.

Mike Palmer gave a report on the Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo exhibition currently at the Detroit Institute of Art and encouraged members to check it out.

Since there was no additional business, Ken closed the meeting and introduced Tammy Wallace who explained the Little/Nation exhibition that will be at the Ross throughout the summer.


Respectfully submitted,   Virginia Corwin, Secretary