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Minutes from the Delaware Artist Guild Meeting on June 2, 2014

President Ken Hildebrand opened the meeting with a welcome to members and introduction of two new members. The minutes stood approved as posted on the web site.  Mike Palmer reported that there is currently $160.36 in the treasury and that we sold $ 275 worth of art at the Art Festival which netted the guild $27.50 (10%).  Discussion followed on ways to recruit permanent tables, etc. so set-up can run more smoothly next year.  These can be stored with the tent.

Lynda Elias reported that the YMCA exhibit changeover occurred on Tuesday and that any members who are interested in replacing their current art may simply replace it with a new piece.  Ken will check with the Y to see if a sign can be posted giving more detail about the gallery and how to purchase the art.

Lynda suggested that we try and get a free table for the Main Street Delaware event on 9/27 so members can bring their pieces for sale.  Madeline Taylor checked with Frances and got her agreement since we are a non-profit group.  Members were encouraged to get work ready.

Laura Kolb shared information of her brother Richard’s health concerns and asked for support from the guild.  Kris will not put out a newsletter this month and may need help in the future. 

The slate of officers for 2014-15 was presented. Tom Conrad motioned that it be approved.  The motion was seconded by Mary Williams so the officers for next year are Ken Hildebrand- President, Lori Palmer- Vice-President, Virginia Corwin- Secretary, Mike Palmer- Treasurer/Membership, Exhibits- Lynda Elias, and Kris Kolb- Newsletter/Publicity.

Diane Hodges invited the guild to attend the Art Castle 25th year celebration this Sunday 6/8 both at the Art Castle and in Monett Garden from 5-7.  Members can bring their art for sale if they are interested in setting up a table.  She also invited members to volunteer on committees at the Arts Castle Affair in October and November, 

Ken proposed that the collection of DAG scrapbooks dating back to the beginning of the guild  be donated to the Historical Society.  All in attendance agreed so Ken will pass them on.

It was suggested that the guild begin a monthly practice of brining their extra unwanted materials to the meeting.  Members can claim them and give a donation to the guild.  More will be discussed in the fall.
There was no additional business so Ken closed the meeting and Lora Kolb introduced Kathy L. McGhee who shared her extensive experience with printmaking.

Respectively submitted,   Virginia Corwin, Secretary