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Minutes for the Delaware Arts Guild Meeting, February 27, 2012

This month’s meeting was again held at the YMCA Community Room so that members could pick up their art and drop off new pieces for the gallery space.  The meeting was opened by President Lindsay Criswell at 7:30.  Treasurer Mike Palmer was absent so there was no report.  The current list of active members was passed out.  Thirty-four members were listed.

Old Business:  Lynda Elias sent around the list of members who said they wanted to exhibit this month.  If not enough pieces come in, she will invite members to submit another piece.  Instillation will occur on Tuesday at 10:00 and will be up for three months.

Lynda also mentioned that information for the Court House display will be shared at next month’s meeting.  Ellie Heingarten will be in charge of installation.

Lindsay has made contact with the Arts Festival and the Arts Castle to confirm our participation.  She also reminded us that we are still in need of a Vice President to replace her next year.

New Business:   The Delaware Branch of Richwood Bank has invited the guild to display their art in their new building at the end of March.  The work must have a Delaware theme.  Artists will not be charged a commission on sold work.  If you are interested, contact Lindsay for more information.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness will have an exhibit in Lewis Center in April and members are invited to participate.  More information is on our website.
City Arts Center will have a challenge to create art from recycled materials.  More details will be shared at the next meeting.

Members were reminded that our May meeting will be moved to June 4 to accommodate the holiday.  

There was no additional business so the meeting was adjourned with a reminder that we will be returning to the library for our March meeting. Also April’s meeting will be at the OWU sculpture building so John Quick can share his information about his sculpture process.  

Lindsay then introduced Jason Lucas who shared his photography process.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Corwin, Secretary