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Minutes for the Delaware Artist Guild Meeting, April 25, 2011
Vice President Lindsay Criswell opened the meeting at 7:30 with a welcome to members and guests.  She reminded members that the minutes are posted on the website.  Mike Palmer noted that there is a balance of $839.81 in the treasury but that Mary Williams is looking into buying a tent for $239.00 in the near future.  It will be used for the Arts Festival next month.

Lynda Elias reviewed the activities around the current guild show at the Arts Castle and thanked all those who helped.  Lindsay reminded members that the information about winners, etc. is on the website.  Lynda is proposing that the guild have more exhibits throughout the year.  She is checking at the library and Pat Silleck is checking at High Roads.  Lindsay will check into the status of the YMCA where we were invited to set up an ongoing, rotating exhibit.  Other suggestions are welcomed.

Jim Fought reported on his committee’s proposed changes to the bylaws.  Lindsay agreed to post them to members on email so that a 2/3 vote of members can be taken at the May meeting. 

New Business: 

Our booth at the Arts Festival is #44.  Lindsay will be at the festival all day so can support but members should sign up for time in the booth.  A sheet was sent around.  Artists may bring two paintings each between 9:15 and 9:30 on Saturday.  The price must be clearly marked and in dollar amounts only.  DAG will keep 10% to help pay for the tent.  There will be a table for small items.  If you exhibit, please try and work a shift.

Last year the guild donated $500 to the Arts Castle.  A vote will be taken at the May meeting to determine the amount for this year. 
Nominations from the floor for officers the 2011-2012 are as follows:  President:  Lindsay Criswell, Vice-President:  ??   , Secretary:  Virginia Corwin, Treasurer: Mike Palmer, Membership: Pat Getha, Exhibits:  Lynda Elias,  Publicity: ??, Programs:  ??.  We would like volunteers for these positions by May so that they can meet and plan over the summer.

The May meeting will be held at the City Art Center next to the Strand Theatre.  It will be followed by a program by Jessie Walker, who will talk about the Center and her own work.  This is the last meeting of the year so please try to attend.

Since there was no additional business, Lindsay adjourned the meeting and introduced Jay Johnson from Marion who paints portraits of sports and history figures.
Respectfully submitted,  Virginia Corwin, Secretary