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Constitution By-Laws

Why become a member of the DAG?

There are lots of reasons! The best reason we can think of is the relationships you build with fellow artists and enthusiasts. There are all types of members in the Delaware Artists Guild including beginners, professionals, educators, business owners, and art admirers. The personal relationships allow you and/or your art to grow in ways one cannot explain. Not only will you learn from other members, but you will learn from guest speakers. The meetings the DAG holds every month are lectures on various subjects given by a diverse group of successful artists. The DAG also has great connections with all the art happenings and businesses in Delaware, Ohio. We provide shows and events for our members to be showcased in as well as keep everyone updated on exhibits and activities that they may be interested in attending.


The DAG also gives back. We make donations to local organizations to help spread the love and importance of art. The members also get involved in community projects that help the beauty and betterment of this area. So if you are at all interested in the arts, why not become a member?


The dues are $25 per year. The Membership Form can be e-mailed to Carolyn Jones at, or printed and mailed, or printed and turned in at the next meeting.


Who are our current DAG members?

You name it we have got it! The DAG has “all walks” of art interests. That is part of what makes us special. We have painters, photographers, sculptors, and fiber artists. We also have many functional artists that make amazing creations used in homes and fashion. Graphic designers and digital artist are also in our mix. Art enthusiasts grace our group including educators, business owners, and admirers. From traditional to modern and everything in between, we are a unique group of people with a common enjoyment, art. Click on the links below to get to know some of our members, their art, and interests!


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Tom Conrad  
Pat Getha Pat Getha Fine Art and Photography
Lori Palmer  
Mary Williams